I have two one public cryptographic keys, one of 1024 bytes and another more recent of 4096 bytes.

* 1024D/C78F687C 2003-11-30 Key fingerprint = 5286 27B1 F203 0DDB 90BB 37C5 4D33 ACE4 C78F 687C

  • 4096R/7694CF42 2009-05-12

Key fingerprint = B053 304E 17D6 D419 DD9B 4651 41AB 484D 7694 CF42

The keys proper are provided by using the links below:

1024D/C78F687C 2003-11-30
4096R/7694CF42 2009-05-12

Do not hesitate to make use of these keys if you wish to communicate with me in an encrypted manner.


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